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Product Description
Name: CholesLo™
Category: Heart Health, Cholesterol, LDL/HDL Ratios, Triglycerides, Homocysteine
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Summary & Benefits

Healthy Cholesterol Levels:
BENEFIT: you don't want "high" or "low" levels, BOTH are bad for you.
Optimal HDL/LDL Ratios & Balance:
BENEFIT: this lipid ratio is more important than "total cholesterol".
Lower Fatty Triglyceride's:
BENEFIT: indicator of fats in your blood, resulting in a heart attack or stroke.
Improved Homocysteine Levels:
BENEFIT: a 40% major indicator of heart disease and poor blood flow.
Cleansing & Repairing of Liver:
BENEFIT: where 80% of your cholesterol is produced (NOT from foods you eat)!

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